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Green clay mask | Facial mask.


This gentle green clay mask is a luxurious combination of French green clay, aloe vera powder, and cucumber powder. Mildly astringent cucumber works in tandem with luxurious aloe and soothing green clay to help combat grime, reduce shine, and improve appearance whilst leaving the skin feeling clean and refreshed.


Green clay is rich in minerals, has excellent skin soothing properties, and is super absorbent, making it great for drawing out impurities and deep cleaning the pores, resulting in a cleaner, brighter complexion.


Cucumber powder is a cool and calming extract with anti-inflammatory actions and skin tightening properties. Cucumbers are loaded with nutrients, making them great for keeping the skin super hydrated and can help improve the skin's elasticity and firmness.


Aloe powder is packed with vitamins and is naturally moisturising, making it ideal for dry skin. Aloe vera is cooling and calming, which can help to relieve skin irritation and alleviate skin ailments like acne, eczema, and psoriasis, as well as boosting the skin's radiance.


This luxury clay mask can be mixed with a variety of food grade wetting agents including water, floral water, yoghurt, banana, honey, maple syrup, fruit and vegetable pulps (not citrus), milk, coconut milk, oat milk, almond milk, rice milk, cream etc.


Can be applied to the face, hands, and feet.


Care should be taken to protect clothing and soft furnishings.



  • Mix a small amount of 1/2 tsp of clay with your chosen wetting agent until it forms into a smooth paste.
  • Apply the clay mask to a clean face and allow it to stand for about 10 to 15 minutes or until dry.
  • Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and pat the face dry with a soft towel.


Any leftover made-up mask must be discarded immediately and not stored.


The mask will be supplied in an aluminium tin, which is reusable, approximately 40g.


A wooden reusable facial mask brush will also be supplied to help with the application of the mask.


Green clay mask | Facial mask

SKU: Green clay face mask
  • Illite, Kaolin, Montmorillonite (green clay), Cucumis sativus fruit powder (cucumber powder), Aloe barbadensis leaf juice powder (aloe powder).

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